Our end-to-end hardware 
supply extends your customer base with zero effort.

Our strong network of manufacturers, employers and logistics experts allows us to act as a full service partner for the entire process, from quotation to procurement to on-site installation.

Custom technology assessment for optimal hardware selection

We analyse the hardware requirements of our corporate partners and advise them on their individual needs. Our expertise lies in pinpointing the exact requirements of different business processes and translating them into a clear demand based on your product range. As a supplier, you benefit from higher purchase volumes per transaction and our ability to match your hardware capabilities with the right customers, ensuring a seamless fit for their specific technological ecosystems.

By collaborating with us, you gain access to pre-qualified leads that appreciate the value and quality your products deliver.

Attractive quotes for each stakeholder to give you a competitive edge

Our quoting process is a collaborative effort. By combining your manufacturing insight with our logistics expertise, we are able to generate compelling offers to create win-win scenarios: where you can expand your market reach, while our business partners benefit from fair pricing and exceptional product quality. This strategic partnership aims to maximise market coverage and profitability, using our extensive network to bring your products to a wider audience.

Streamlined purchase and logistics for efficient fulfillment

The highlight of our partnership is the streamlined purchase and logistics process, ensuring that your hardware reaches our corporate partners efficiently and effectively. Your products are showcased to a ready market, with our support in handling the complexities of order fulfillment, from procurement to installation.

Our comprehensive service means that you can focus on what you do best – manufacturing top-quality hardware, while we take care of the rest, from the first order to final installation.

One centralised approach streamlines efficiency and turns supply challenges into seamless solutions.

A warehouse full of products ready to be shipped

Explore a new market and unlock new potentials

500.000 +

potential customers

up to


Conversion Rate

up to


Newsletter Open Rate

4+ years

of experience

Explore a new market and unlock new potentials

Our benefit platforms offer access to over 400,000 potential users, providing exclusive brand offers on their employer's benefits portals. With our innovative solution, your brand can enjoy strong visibility and engagement while still maintaining exclusivity in the market.

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