Our benefits programs turn your products into satisfying rewards for employees.

Our exclusive reward bundles, designed for large companies, are the perfect way to elevate employees’ performances to new heights.

We connect manufacturers and companies.
It's a win-win situation.

We connect brands
and companies.
It's a win-win situation.

Forging powerful partnerships, creating value and driving growth together. Discover the endless possibilities of true collaboration. Our experienced team will navigate you through the journey with ease.

We'll work closely with you to identify the right concept for your needs, and we'll ensure that everything is in place to make your partnership a success. Let’s create something truly remarkable together!

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We could spend time trying to convince you, but we believe our partners can do a better job. We've helped numerous companies successfully integrate our solutions into their employee benefit programs. Let our satisfied partners speak for themselves and demonstrate why our services are the best choice.

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Contemporary Amperex Technology

One of the ten largest automotive suppliers in the world.

"I’m thrilled with the results we've seen since implementing the loyalty program. Our employees are more motivated than ever, and the program has been instrumental in driving our business forward. The team at this company has been a pleasure to work with, and their customer service is top-notch. I would highly recommend this program to any business looking to enhance their employee engagement and drive results."

Akin Li


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BYD Company Limited

Named the world's best performing technology company by Bloomberg Businessweek.

"Working with the implementation team has been a pleasure. They've been incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, guiding us through the process and answering all our questions."

Penny Peng

Marketing & PR Director

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Honor Technologies

Became the largest smartphone vendor on the Chinese market in 2022 with a market share of 19%.

"Me also responsible to improving workplace satisfaction, I highly recommend this reward program for incentivizing worker loyalty. Its implementation has yielded significant increases in motivation and engagement across our European operations. Our collaboration has been nothing short of fantastic, with the team consistently offering new, interesting, and exciting ideas to improve the program further. The results have been remarkable, and I highly recommend Heema Group to any business looking to strengthen their workforce's loyalty and motivation."

William Song

Vice President

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JD Worldwide

The largest tech company in China by revenue, and 7th in the world in 2021.

"Although we at JD.com know what service is all about I highly recommend Heema Group for their outstanding work in creating an amazing loyalty program that has significantly improved our team's sense of belonging and enthusiasm for international opportunities. Thanks to their program, we have seen an increase in requests for stays in Europe, their dedication and expertise helped us a lot. I am confident that their expertise will continue to benefit JD and its employees in the future."

Guoqing Li

Product Strategy Director

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New Service

Full service end-to-end hardware supply.

Thanks to the strong partnerships with manufacturers and logistics we are able to handle everything from quoting, to purchasing, to installation on site.

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A modern and inviting office space with modern hardware like flatscreens

Explore a new market and unlock new potentials

500.000 +

potential customers

up to


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Explore a new market and unlock new potentials

Our benefit platforms offer access to over 400,000 potential users, providing exclusive brand offers on their employer's benefits portals. With our innovative solution, your brand can enjoy strong visibility and engagement while still maintaining exclusivity in the market.

With our full-service approach, you can sit back and watch the collaboration happen.

We set up your proprietary employee benefits platform

We specialize in setting up custom employee benefits platforms that cater to the unique needs of your business, ensuring that your employees have access to exclusive benefits and rewards tailored to their individual preferences.

Custom implementation and support at no cost

Our team offers free custom implementation and support services to ensure that your business can seamlessly integrate and optimize our solutions, without incurring any additional costs.

Evaluation and integration of internal company offers

We provide comprehensive evaluation and integration services for internal company offers, allowing you to maximize the value of your existing benefits program and ensure that your employees have access to a diverse range of incentives and rewards that drive engagement and satisfaction.

Offerings across multiple benefit categories

Our benefit solutions offer a wide range of offerings across multiple categories, including healthcare, wellness, and lifestyle benefits. This allows your employees to choose the benefits that best suit their individual needs, while providing your business with the flexibility to tailor your benefits package to your specific requirements.

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